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Fresh experiences, fresh adventures and a fresh approach to life: this is what Brisbane is all about. It's a city where the air is filled with optimism and a sense of adventure is heavy on the ground. You'll be amazed by the attractions, the diverse places to visit and the shopping. You'll also be pleasantly surprised by the open and friendly attitude of the locals. Sophisticated and progressive, dynamic and diverse, Brisbane delivers on all fronts.

Visitors and locals alike delight in the very best in food, wine, arts, entertainment and major sporting events, all surrounded by a unique environment of relaxed sub-tropical flair. There's a buzzing night scene, and no end to the range of outdoor adventures on offer, such as sailing, surfing, hot-air ballooning and 4WD excursions.

You'll also find this region to be a hotbed of creative free thinking, with local artists, musicians, writers, jewelers and fashion designers all making their name on the international stage. At the same time, this is a place without pretension, a city with its feet planted firmly on the ground. And that's exactly what so many people love about Brisbane.

From the sun and sand drenched islands in the east, to its cool and crisp mountain rainforests in the west - and all the attractions of a vibrant, modern city in between - Brisbane offers the best of both worlds. Make a journey to downtown Brisbane and you'll suddenly realise how beautiful a city can be. Here you will find a unique combination of the old and the new - where sandstone cathedrals blend seamlessly with steel and glass skyscrapers, where modern architectural design is teamed with a healthy respect for tradition. And down at street level a network of grassy parks, drooping palm trees and a river that snakes through the heart of town reflects the sub-tropical environment.

Pristine, colourful, adventurous, inviting and open; these are all accurate descriptions of the heart of the city. And another thing you'll notice about Brisbane - the pace is just right.

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