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Flinders Ranges


The Flinders Ranges punctuate a huge expanse of "The Australian Vastness". This awe-inspiring region is home to several of our intimate lodges featuring sprawling verandas, situated in 250 square miles of pristine wilderness.

You can explore on 4X4 trips, ride horses with Aboriginal guides, hike the beautiful mountains and enjoy hearty Australian Outback cuisine and the choice wines of the region. Once you have witnessed a sunset from atop a bluff on these age-old ranges, you will fully understand why your hosts have made it their home.

The Flinders Ranges and Outback provides a dramatic departure from the hectic pace of big cities, but it's surprisingly accessible.Though the Ranges seem a million miles from the city life they begin only 220kms out of Adelaide. As for the climate, it's seldom humid so the dry heat can still be bearable.

The winter and early spring rains are the source of the wildflower season across the Flinders Ranges and Desert Parks. Spring and autumn see temperatures ranging from 13-25 degrees C, (55-77 degrees F.) winter experiences 8-18 degrees C, (46-64 degrees F.) and summer is a warm 26-38 degrees C. (79-100 degrees F.)

And once you're there, you'll experience things that make home look boring. See the majestic natural amphitheatre of Wilpena Pound, a lost world located inside a giant stone crater. Go driving into the deep Outback and spend time exploring our legendary desert tracks. Or take a scenic flight over the Flinders Ranges.

The locals can give you all the tips you need for an adventure in the Outback. So share a drink with them, and find out about their favourite local spots such as the Prairie Hotel.

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