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Kangaroo Island


Described as the most unspoilt wilderness, this is an island seven times the size of Singapore, literally crawling with wildlife. The koalas aren't being cuddled - they're relaxing at home in native trees. The seals aren't performing - they're lazing beside you on the beach. There are echidnas, platypus, goannas, wallabies and kangaroos. All thriving. All mesmerising. Half the native bushland on Kangaroo Island remains just as it was when British navigator Matthew Flinders put a name to this untamed wilderness in 1802. And more than one-third of the Island is National or Conservation Park.

But beauty comes in many forms: views from seaside cottages and cliff-top cabins; delicate handcrafted glassware; a day at the races in Kingscote. And, of course, there's the wine and food. Take a drive and collect wine, cheeses, oysters and lobsters and indulge on a secluded beach.

Kangaroo Island is a destination for all seasons; As the summer approaches, wildlife retreat to bushland habitat to shelter during the heat of the day. The land is a contrast of golden pastures against summer wild flowers and the new growth of native trees. During autumn, astures begin to green and waterways and catchments begin to flow. Autumn is a time of transition, with some rainfall gradually providing the wildlife with fresh growth to feed on. Winter is spectacular with lush green countryside, flowing rivers and abundant wildlife: it's Kangaroo Island at its most appealing. Land mammals, predominantly night, dawn and dusk feeders for most of the year, frequently come out by day, while spring is the season of rebirth. It is a wonderful time to see the spectacular array of wild flowers, birds and mammals. Accomplished local guides will share unsurpassed knowledge of its history and ecology originating from a lifetime on the island. Average temperatures in summer are 26-30 degrees celsius, in winter 15-19 degrees celsius and in autumn and spring 19-23 degrees celsius.

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