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Ultimate Fishing at Wilderness Island


Wilderness Island, situated in the Exmouth Gulf in Western Australia, is the perfect environment for fishermen and nature lovers alike where one can enjoy the beauty of the island and its surrounding waters and experience a range of activities such as fishing, whale watching, snorkelling or just relaxing. With no human habitation on the Island other than the camp it is untouched and pristine, supporting a diverse range of flora and fauna.

Within the Gulf there are many islands, shallow flats and reef that hold an array of different species and fishing opportunities. On the eastern side of the Gulf are an abundance of pristine mangrove creeks that hold prized recreational sport fish such as queenfish, barramundi, mangrove jack, and giant herring. The intertidal systems of the Gulf contain numerous important recreationally targeted species including trevally species, flathead, whiting and mud crabs. The deeper waters of the Gulf harbour prized demersal species such as coral trout, blue-bone, north-west snapper as well as multiple species of rock lobsters.

The sports fishing opportunities of the Gulf are world renowned. Sailfish are plentiful in late spring as they feed on the tonnes of baitfish that congregate in the Gulf. Juvenile marlins have also been regularly encountered right up in the shallows.
Wilderness Island will provide all bait & tackle. You just need to bring your own rods and lures. Remember, we're in fishing paradise here - we can go off the beach, trawling, game fishing, you name it!

With so many different varieties of fish the action is offshore and off the beach, in and around the island. Where we go, what we go for and when we go is UP TO YOU and we can make the arrangements on the day. It could be an all day safari to hook a sailfish, or up the mangroves for some mangrove jack, or off the beach for some giant herring. And that's just the first day!

Wilderness Island offers you your own private island with only 4 beachfront Safari Cabins available for a maximum of 8 guests at any one time. The camp offers simple functional facilities designed to minimise any human impact on the fragile natural environment, whilst also ensuring are very comfortable stay.

Experience the unique waters of the Exmouth Gulf and the pristine Flora and Fauna of Wilderness Island for 6 nights, and receive the 7th night complimentary.

For further information and to book this exclusive Outback Encounter special, contact our experienced Travel Designers on +61 8 8354 4405, or email us.